A New Package

UMLC may look a bit scruffy on the outside, but good things are inside!

The Tribe’s Higher Education Department and grant staff is comprised of degreed professionals, generations of experience, and creative minds. Please come and meet us!

  • Scott Baker, Director of Higher Education
  • Rick Hover, Assistant Director
  • Vida Clark, WIOA Training Coordinator
  • Alvora Ketchum, Office Manager
  • Dan Sturtz, Adult Education Coordinator
  • Sarah Begay, College Transitions Coordinator
  • Aaron Begay, Student Case Specialist
  • Jeff Wilson, Adult Education Teacher (SEEDS)
  • Karen Ragland, Adult Ed. Teacher (HPOG)

By combining basic education, university academics, and vocational programs with 21st-century technologies, the Ute Mountain Learning Center hosts one of the most innovative learning systems in the Four Corners region. Connecting classrooms in this way means we can support learners from all sides, to help grow their career potentials, explore new ideas and skills, and build confidence. Better tuned for the unique needs and interests of Ute Mountain Ute people, the Learning Center realigns “school experience” for the Native point of view.

Ute Mountain Learning Center

420-B Sunset Boulevard Towaoc,
Colorado 81334

Main Office: 970.564.5471
Fax: 970.564.5759
(To contact us via Tribal Phone system, dial extension -471 for phone options)

Office Hours: Mon - Fri,8:00 am to 5:00 pm. (lunch 12:00 - 1:00 pm)
National and Tribal holidays excepted.


Accredited college courses

College classes occur at UMLC in two ways: onsite visits from college professors and live “distance-education” classes received through our large-screen displays. Each course is negotiated and scheduled in advance, so be sure to check which classes are coming up, or contact us about courses that may be in the planning phase.

Broadcast courses at UMLC (as available per transmitting institution):

Health & Medical

Medical Terminology, Certified Nurse Aide (CNA, onsite), Emergency Medical Response (EMR), etc.

Computer & IT

Office Computer Systems, Webpage Design, GIS (Geographic Info Systems), Digital Imaging seminars


Industrial Process Operator, Occupational Safety, Gas Compression, etc.